Used Fitness Equipment - How we Refurbish Used Fitness Equipment

 |  Brett Labistour

Global fitness is the world's largest wholesaler of refurbished and Used Fitness Equipment.

Each year, we acquire thousands of Used Fitness Equipment from facilities nationwide and worldwide, returning them to our 150,000-square-foot facility here in Los Angeles, California.

Our Process for Refurbishing Gym Equipment

We initiate the sophisticated 72-point process by disassembling the equipment down to the bare frames. The used equipment frames are sent to our powder coating facility where the original paint is removed in a 1700-degree oven. refurbished gym used equipment

Paint Removal

The final paint removal process is completed in a high-volume Silica Sandblast room where the frames are brought back to their raw steel form. These metal frames or parts then undergo the same powder coating paint process that the equipment manufacturers perform. The original color paint is applied as a powder that affixes to the metal through an electric charge. The new paint is then sealed and cured in a second 1700-degree oven. When it comes out, it glistens with a brand new perfect texture and shine. The frames and metal parts are returned to our remanufacturing base and the rebuilding process begins. New parts including decks, overlays, decals, stickers, and other hardware are installed and affixed. We test and repair all of the electronics professionally in our electronics lab. used gym

Other Updates

used gym equipment - refurbish process   We also update the computer from whatever is the latest manufacturer release. We rebuild all motors, alternators, and rollers with new bearings and critical essential parts. Motors are rebuilt to full original torque and power by replacing bearings and regrowing the armatures, ensuring perfect durability and longevity. We take pride in every machine that leaves our production facility, which is why we put each one through an extensive 48-point quality control process. The machines are then packaged using recycled professional packaging materials and shipped to clients throughout the 67 countries where our products are represented. We want to ensure that you get the best Used Fitness Equipment and value available in our industry, today. We don't wanna meet your expectations, we want to surpass them. Global Fitness - Used Fitness Equipment Visit Us Now

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