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8 Great Benefits of Buying Used Hammer Strength Equipment

 |  Brett Labistour
When you're buying equipment for your personal or professional gym, it's important to get the best bang for your buck. Seeing as the average cost of starting your own gym ranges from $10,000 to $50,000, you want the greatest deals on gym equipment. This means buying secondhand trusted brands. Purchasing equipment like used Hammer Strength gym pieces will do wonders when just starting out. Hammer Strength is an incredible brand when it comes to weight training. If you're on a budget, here are 8 benefits of buying used Hammer Strength equipment.

1. Durable & Reliable

Hammer Strength is known for it's sturdy and longlasting equipment. Even if you get used Hammer Strength machines, they will most likely be in great shape. Their machines are made of top quality materials, so you don't have to worry about your equipment breaking down on you. This is key when you're beginning your gym. You don't want to allocate a ton of your funds to equipment that will simply break down within a few months. It's vastly better to buy slightly pricier used Hammer Strength pieces and have them last for years rather than cycling through equipment within the first six months.

2. Cutting-Edge Isolateral Technology

Hammer Strength is well-known in the fitness industry for a reason: They're always at the forefront of gym technology. Specifically, Hammer Strength has patented isolateral technology they use in all of their equipment. What isolateral technology means is their equipment copies the natural movements of our bodies. Their chest press machines and other pieces of equipment successfully move our body parts in natural planes of motion. So, when you workout with used Hammer Strength equipment, you're improving your strength and adding muscle in a way that will help you in all facets of life. Not only is Hammer Strength equipment durable, it's also smart. Cutting-edge technology is something you want your gym to be synonymous with.

3. High Standards Increase Gym Popularity

When you decide to buy used Hammer Strength products, you're sending a message to your gym members. With such high-quality products - even if they are used - you're telling your clients that you care about their fitness goals and gym experience. The type of equipment you stock your gym with will mirror the quality of clientele you'll get in your new gym. They will appreciate what you've provided them, pay their membership fees on time, and be considerate of your equipment.

4. Strong Biomechanics Research

Speaking of isolateral technology, Hammer Strength's mission is to provide products based on the actual motion arcs a human body has. Therefore, all of their equipment is made to give you the most efficient exercises on the planet. These pieces give you better workouts, fewer injuries due to inadequate technology, and improvement of your whole gymnasium experience. If you want the ideal gym partner that will crush goals and show your gym members a great time, Hammer Strength has got your back.

5. No Need for a Spotter

These pieces are perfect for a new gym because they don't require you to have a spotter in order to use them safely. At a new gym, it might be tougher to find people who can spot you effectively. With used Hammer Strength equipment, however, means you have built-in safety mechanisms to keep from getting into hazardous situations. This is really important for chest and shoulder work, which is what Hammer Strength specializes in. They provide amazing muscular fatigue and break down without the fear of losing control and killing yourself in the gym. Workout alone and with confidence with these safe, spotter-free pieces.

6. Free Weight + Machine Combination

Want free weights and machines in your gym? Of course, you do. Problem is, in order to have both, that means dolling out the dough...right? Wrong. Hammer Strength is the perfect blend of free weights and machines. They are usually the bare bones of a machine that includes putting plates on for the load. What this does is it allows the user to control the exact weight for their exercises, while simultaneously giving them the safe biomechanics of a machine (like we mentioned earlier). This gives you a chance to build your gym empire on blended used Hammer Strength equipment before having to look into static-state machines or sets of dumbbells and barbells. It's totally feasible to start with just these machine/free weight pieces and go from there.

7. Multiple Types of Machines

Versatility is everything when constructing your fresh gym. Using used Hammer Strength equipment fulfills this need because they have so many different pieces. Hammer Strength comes swinging with variety, from chest press to shoulder press to squat pull to leg curl machines. This company believes in a full-fledged workout regimen, so you'll be able to fill your gym with only Hammer Strength and be ready for opening day. Be the gym that has continuity with their equipment and sticks with the same brand across the fitness board.

8. Affordable

Probably the best reason to get used Hammer Strength stuff for your gym is the price. While Hammer Strength HDs from the source are outrageously expensive, getting them secondhand is an intelligent way of making your gym look professional without breaking the bank. You already have building costs, liability insurance, and many other costs attributed to this brand new gymnasium. The last thing you want is to go bankrupt on equipping your floor. But, if you don't go for the newest equipment possible and instead go with lightly worn pieces of Hammer Strength, you'll see the same results with less stress on your wallet. No matter what, gym equipment will be quite spendy. You can limit the cost by searching for your ideal pieces on our Global Fitness page for Hammer Strength products.

Used Hammer Strength Equipment is the Best for Your Budget

This is only one of the many factors that go into building the perfect gym. These 8 reasons for getting used Hammer Strength equipment should be enough to convince any new gym owner of their power. For more information on how to create a kickass gym, check out Global Fitness' archive of gym owner articles.

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