Jen Selter's Custom Stairmaster Stepmill

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a customized Stairmaster Stepmill for fitness guru Jen Selter

Global Fitness is thrilled to announce that we designed a customized Stairmaster Stepmill for Jen Selter. Jen is best known for her Instagram accounts, and we’re proud to take part in putting together a piece of functional art for her Mid-Town New York City apartment. custom made fitness equipment

The Ass of Generation-Y

jen Selter StepmillJen, known to some as The Ass of Generation-Y, started sculpting her assets on a Stairmaster Stepmill when she was first starting her fitness journey a few years ago. When Instagram came along, she was one of the first to start posting pictures and “belfies” (butt selfies) for fitness inspiration.

By the beginning of 2014, Jen was 20 years old and had 1.4 million followers on her personal Instagram account (@JenSelter). In the years since that huge following has exploded to a massive 11.5 million Instagram followers.

Jen’s other Instagram accounts include a backup personal account (@JenLSelter) and a motivational account (@motivationforfitness). In addition to her massively successful social media work, Jen also hosts a community of women dedicated to supporting each other’s fitness goals.

We’ve all seen fitness accounts before, but Jen is something special. Outsiders might see her as just a pretty face with a belfie-worthy butt, but what doesn’t immediately meet the eye is her dedication to mastering social media.

An interview with Elite Daily

Jen has spoken publicly about her dedication to giving her followers the best material on social media. In an interview with Elite Daily, she said, “I paid really close attention to what made a picture stand out and what it took to get ‘likes.’ I figured if he or she could do it, then why can’t I? I knew what people liked and looked for in a ‘fitspiration’ page, and I tried my best to give followers what they were looking for. Surfing social media sites was my niche, and just like any other job, I dedicated my time, worked hard and considered all the important details.”

Stepmill Jen Selter

With her tireless dedication to fitness, social media, and inspiring her followers, Jen has made herself massively successful in the competitive fitspiration niche.

That’s why we were so happy to hear that she was interested in having us design a custom piece for her. The Stairmaster Stepmill is Jen’s favorite machine, and it was the first machine she used when she was beginning her fitness journey. Jen wanted us to work on a special design for her. Since Global Fitness recycles, refurbishes, and even customizes exercise equipment to factory specs, we were thrilled to take on the job!

1 Comment


April 26, 2019 at 04:32am

how much is the Jen Selter’s Steirmaster machine?

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